• Interactive Performing Art
  • Various Size
  • Projection Mapping
  • openFrameworks, Kinect
  • BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music Fisher), Brooklyn, New York, US, Jan 29 2015

Interactive Visual Design
& Creative Coding

Embodied Cosmopolitanism   | 천, 지, 인을 수놓다.


Hyunju Lee Dance Company in collaboration with Hyuns Hong, JungHyun Moon, Eddy Kim & Laban Movers


Toward a Cosmopolitan Korean Dance aims toward an ideal of Korean dance in a globalized world.


This multimedia work seeks to break down the wall between the audience and the performer, with the modern computer serving as both the artistic method and an object of artistic inquiry. The spirit of movement within stillness is embodied through the body’s core, which handles the energy of the universe through controlled breathing and the communion of the body, mind, and spirit—with real-time computerized video as extensions of the performers. Projectors reflect and extend body movement and expression with real-time generated graphics on their bodies by data from motion-sensing input devices.


The program will consist of two major parts: 1) The Aesthetic of Classic: A Journey Through Korean History and 2) The Aesthetic of Contemporary “Embodied Cosmopolitanism”