• Interactive Performing Art
  • Various Size
  • Projection Mapping onto Body
  • openFrameworks, Kinect, TCPcommunication
  • Riese Student Lounge at Tisch, NYU, New York, US, Apr 10 2015

A performative exploration of form and narrative that captures the point at which conflict and harmony meet. An interactive dance featuring live, dynamic visuals that use the body as a canvas.



Equilateral is made up of two components—movement (dance) and light (projection) and treats the body as a canvas, with all audio-visual elements becoming one with the performer.
The performance uses a unique front-of-house set in the shape of a triangle. At each angle is an entirely networked media hub gathering precise, 3D motion tracking data and outputting a real-time response.
Additionally, I aim to contribute a template, or guidebook, for how this technical setup can be appropriated for other live performances. The conceptual framework of the equilateral triangle translates to a perfect setting for a diverse range of interactive capabilities.


Created by MOQN

in collaboration with:
Xiaoxaio Wang, Yachao Zhu, Hongyu Guo (Dance)
JungMin Moon (Sound Design)
Julia Irwin (Conceptual Development)


Body Mapper